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Cheikh Ndiguel Lô Lu Tax 908 views
5:20 Le nouveau single de Cheikh Lo, Lu Tax.
Cheikh Lo | Lu Tax (Why) 19262 views
5:20 Cheikh Ndiguel Lô performing Lu Tax © 2012 milk-africa.com Directed by Lionel Mandeix.
Cheikh Ndiguel Lô / Lu Tax 57555 views
5:20 Cheikh Lô vocals - Samba Ndokh Mbaye tama - Badou Ndiaye drums - Lamine Faye guitar - Racine Ly guitar - Malick Sy bass - Allioune Seck sabar - Arona Barry k...
Cheikh Lo / Lu Tax Teaser 4688 views
1:11 Extrait du concert réalisé á Toulouse dans le Festival Río Loco 2006 Cheikh Lô lead vocal - Samba Ndokh Mbaye tama - Badou Ndiaye drums - Thierno Sarr bass -...
Cheikh Lô - Doxandeme (Lugano Jazz Festival 2004) 5291 views
8:5 Short film for the album 'Jamm' featuring Cheikh on location and live onstage in Dakar. For more information go to http://www.cheikhlo.com http://www.faceboo...
Cheikh Lo - Jamm 70915 views
3:54 was born in Burkina Faso, lives in Senegal, he is not a *Rastafari*, he is a member of *Baye Fall*.
Cheikh Lô - Sankara 25638 views
3:57 Pour plus de vidéos, abonnez-vous sur notre chaine http://www.youtube.com/tfm Retouvez-nous sur facebook : https://www.facebook.com/telefutursmedias Retouvez...
Cheikh Lô - Festival Med 2012 6837 views
CHEIKH LO * SOU 95135 views
3:6 Ne la Thiass Cheikh LO.
Cheikh Lô -- Jamm 7990 views
4:49 Zikr Baye Fall interpretado por el músico senegales Cheikh Lo.
Cheikh Lô - Ndokh 3495 views
4:51 The Senegalese maverick is a free spirit, whose musical journey over the years has lead him to soak op styles and cultires from all over the globe. With his ...
Cheikh Lô guiss guiss 42470 views
4:37 Cheikh Lô joue Doxandeme au Music Meeting, Nijmegen, Les Pays Bas, 2014-06-08.
Cheikh Lo * SET 74395 views
Cheikh Lo - Doxandeme 17244 views