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Cheikh Ndiguel Lô Lu Tax 567 views
5:20 Cheikh Ndiguel Lô performing Lu Tax © 2012 milk-africa.com Directed by Lionel Mandeix.
Cheikh Ndiguel Lô / Lu Tax 55086 views
5:20 Le nouveau single de Cheikh Lo, Lu Tax.
Cheikh Lo | Lu Tax (Why) 16494 views
5:20 Cheikh Lô vocals - Samba Ndokh Mbaye tama - Badou Ndiaye drums - Lamine Faye guitar - Racine Ly guitar - Malick Sy bass - Allioune Seck sabar - Arona Barry k...
Cheikh Lo / Lu Tax Teaser 4652 views
1:11 Short film for the album 'Jamm' featuring Cheikh on location and live onstage in Dakar. For more information go to http://www.cheikhlo.com http://www.faceboo...
Cheikh Lô - Doxandeme (Lugano Jazz Festival 2004) 5122 views
8:5 Extrait du concert réalisé á Toulouse dans le Festival Río Loco 2006 Cheikh Lô lead vocal - Samba Ndokh Mbaye tama - Badou Ndiaye drums - Thierno Sarr bass -...
Cheikh Lo - Jamm 69571 views
3:54 Cheikh Lô with the beautiful song Sankara.
Cheikh Lô - Doxandeme/Sénégal-Brezil/Cheikh Ibra Fall (Río Loco, Toulousse, June 2006) 36897 views
31:4 was born in Burkina Faso, lives in Senegal, he is not a *Rastafari*, he is a member of *Baye Fall*.
Cheikh Lô - Sankara 24846 views
Cheikh Lô guiss guiss 41020 views
4:37 From album Né La Thiass (1996)
CHEIKH LO * SOU 93327 views
3:6 Ne la Thiass Cheikh LO.
Cheikh Lo * SET 72140 views
5:28 Cheikh Lô is one of the great mavericks of African music. A superb singer and songwriter as well as a distinctive guitarist, percussionist and drummer, he ha...
Cheikh Lô ~ Cheikh Ibra Fall 5889 views
4:31 Pour plus de vidéos, abonnez-vous sur notre chaine http://www.youtube.com/tfm Retouvez-nous sur facebook : https://www.facebook.com/telefutursmedias Retouvez...
Cheikh LO. Né la Thiass 54312 views
4:29 A Prayer For His Soul In Paradise (Zikroulahi) Singer :Cheikh Lo - Album : Hommage - Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.
AFH269 - Cheikh Lo 304 views
9:3 Cheikh Lo - N'galula.
Yeewu Leen - 18 Juin 2014 - Extrait Night show - Cheikh Lô 708 views
10:25 The Senegalese maverick is a free spirit, whose musical journey over the years has lead him to soak op styles and cultires from all over the globe. With his ...
Cheikh Lô - Ndokh 3134 views
Cheikh Lo - Doxandeme 16718 views