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Fiat 126 mit Hayabusa Motor - extrem schnell 617053 views
2:48 Ein Fiat 126 abarth mit hayabusa motor. diese kleine rakete wog nur etwa 500 kg und hatte eine Leistung von 180Ps . Damit erreichte der kleine Flitzer spitze...
Fiat 126 Maluch (with Chevy V8 power) 242968 views
0:57 Video recorded at the Silverstone Classic, July 2011. On a makeshift drag strip on the Wellington Straight at Silverstone Circuit, Northamptonshire, UK. More...
PURE SOUND! FIAT 126 with Yamaha R1 engine: start up + track 203737 views
3:51 Like me on Facebook://http://www.facebook.com/davide458italia. My Blog: http://www.davide458italia.blogspot.it Full HD video 1080 p. Description: I filmed th...
Fiat 126 V8? VS Porsche 911 @ Santa Pod Quarter Mile. Yes... a FIAT! 675306 views
0:30 Fiat 126 VS Porsche 911 at Santa Pod Quarter Mile. Never underestimate the underdog! That little Fiat kicks some butt!
Taz Racing Fiat 126's at Santa Pod Raceway 130375 views
1:19 V8 Powered Fiat vs Toyota Twin Cam Fiat. Always Good to watch these at the track. Blue one pulls a wheelie Information can be found here: Blue one http://www...
Fiat 126 V8 vs Fiat 126 V8 Battle 1985142 views
0:37 Duell 1/4 Meile 2 Polski Fiat 126 V8 Dragster powered by TAZ Racing at the event "King of Europe" in Chimay Belgium.
Fiat 126 P Vs Subaru Impreza 24 views
0:14 The commercial for the Fiat Punto that was responsible for relaunching the career of Andy Williams.
Fiat 'Girl Watching' commercial 72034 views
0:41 Biancavilla 2005.
Fuel Girls Show pt 3 Friday USC 2009 SantaPod Fuel Stage 33508 views
2:47 2 cześć bedzie pewnie na wiosne ;)
Fiat 126 Proto ,Spoto - Ricognizione Autoslalom Biancavilla 2005 4143 views
1:3 lecce . nardo' . offro fiat 126 cc 650 alimentazione benzina immatricolata 1974 colore rosso km 80000 euro 2.300 auto d'epoca fiat 126 (prima serie) anno 197...
Fiat 126 Jesenny minizraz 2013 Bratislava Fiat126 363 views
3:45 Sorry for the quality :P Trying to coldstart my fiat 126.. has been last started the 18th October. But it has some problems xD I think it might be the spark ...
Woman driving her Fiat 500 fast and aggressively 8313 views
0:54 My friend driving his Fiat 126 down an alley in Southend on Sea.
126 6 views
1:22 FIAT is here in the Fox Valley! We gave a FIAT to two of our team members and sent them out for an adventure. As unique as you are. FIAT is sophisticated, fu...
The Italian Nob 3090 views