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PURE SOUND! FIAT 126 with Yamaha R1 engine: start up + track 351023 views
3:51 Like me on Facebook://http://www.facebook.com/davide458italia. My Blog: http://www.davide458italia.blogspot.it Full HD video 1080 p. Description: I filmed th...
Fiat 126 won't start :/ 16078 views
7:9 Sorry for the quality :P Trying to coldstart my fiat 126.. has been last started the 18th October. But it has some problems xD I think it might be the spark ...
Fiat 126 BIS meets Grobnik (onboard footage) 186 views
4:27 Fiat 126 BIS with Uno Fire engine went to automotodrom Grobnik near Rijeka, Croatia, it was a test... My dad wanted to know if it will survive the roughness ...
Auto -Fiat 126 V8 419 views
1:53 Is the mercury cougar considered a sports? car? What are some 2 door coupes that are not sports? car?!? What is the specific sports? car? is the fastest in t...
Beata testy fiat 126p 1844 views
2:38 Konrad Tadla - Polski Fiat 126p - IX Runda GSMP - Sienna 2012 - Onboard - Pierwszy podjazd wyścigowy. Wypadek.
Wypadek - Konrad Tadla - Polski Fiat 126p - IX Runda GSMP - Sienna 2012 - Onboard (HD) 2740 views
0:50 Fiat 126 Maluch is not a car, but a way of living. Everyday a new experience. Here a small selection of pictures from all these big-, medium-, small- and tin...
Fiat 126 Virtual Tuning 44 views
0:14 Plese like this photo: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=564518846932691 I need just 350 likes! :) thanks If you want to see my FIAT 126P painted with ...
Fiat 126 Maluch 584 views
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Want to have my FIAT 126P painted with a Skittles rainbow 16024 views
1:1 www.oemmedi.it http://www.facebook.com/pages/Oemmedi-meccanica/183718824982642.
Fiat 126p with suzuki GSX-R engine 82934 views
0:13 400+ HP Toyota Supra MK3 vs. 135 HP Fiat 126 @ 1/4 mile in Germany. Was filmed at the Speed Days "King of Germany" event in Alkersleben.
Fiat 500 Lamborghini V12 Sound 1251066 views
1:56 Nie zapomnij zasubskrybować załapkować i oczywiście skomentować :D.
fiat 126 drive, 70mph (110km/h) on the A40 :) 1395 views
0:45 FSM Niki cold starting..need to be patient with these cars, it takes a while to start.
Fiat 126 elx Podsumowanie sezonu ''13 152 views
1:58 S.Piero Patti 2006.
Fiat 126 vs. Formula F1.26 - MREC Bratrušov 2013 219 views
1:22 bez gazu, bez ssania. Na ciepłym !